PLACKE-KRANTEILE is a well established manufacturing company located in Lienen (Westphalia), Germany.  

Since it was founded, Placke-Kranteile is among the leaders of  manufacturing customer oriented specialty cables.

 PLACKE KRAN-TEILE is striving to solve  specific customer problems applying their existing know-how. Problem solving,  which could be more important than the product itself, can only be accomplished through long term partnerships and cooperation. 

PLACKE-KRANTEILE’s success is demonstrated by their expertise in their  sector of operations and by using efficient applications of problem oriented technologies to ensure optimal customer use and product quality as well as services rendered.

 PLACKE-KRANTEILE, a manufacturer of specialty cables for tower cranes is a competent partner of crane manufacturers and construction handling equipment dealers as well as auto crane leasing companies, all across Europe.

 Delivery service, for any type of required cable for any type of European cranes is. available within a 24 hour period in Germany and for deliveries across Europe in a 48 hour period.